The GS-911

Browse your bike with GS-911

GS-911wifi is a diagnostic tool for BMW motorcycles and is well suited to both motorcycle owners and workshops. It communicates with the control units of your motorcycle and empowers you to do various maintenance and diagnostic tasks. It allows you to read and clear fault codes, see real-time sensor values, reset service reminders, do component function tests, carry out calibrations and much more.

The GS-911wifi is the second generation of the GS-911 tool and uses WiFi to connect to your phone, tablet or computer. Emergency and cloud functionality is supported on Windows, IOS, Android, Mac and other platforms.

This product is available through our distributors or directly from our online shop if you are situated in sub-Saharan Africa.



This smart accessory manager lets you add and configure accessories with ease and without cutting any wires. ezCAN brand support has grown to include: BMW, Harley Davidson, Honda, and KTM with our development team working on having more brands supported soon.

This product was designed to enhance the rider's safety. Auxiliary lights (front and back) and air horns are fundamental to improving rider safety - the HEX ezCAN was developed to add such accessories easily. It's simple and easy to fit additional lights, an air horn, accessories, and emergency brake lights - that make the bike safer to ride.

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