HEX Microsystems was founded in 2000, with the vision of developing the hardware required to interface PCs and laptops with our modern-day automobiles.  We are proud to be associated with market-leading aftermarket diagnostic software.

HEX Microsystems develops electronic micro-assemblies and hardware for automotive diagnostics, including the GS-911 and HEX ezCAN models. We also develop and produce the hardware for several high-profile international customers with various world-renowned aftermarket diagnostic solutions.

We are a group of South African engineers who specialise in developing, distributing and supporting automotive diagnostic software for vehicles and motorcycles. Our key brands are BMW (including motorcycles), Audi, Volkswagen, SEAT, Škoda and Porsche. Our products are designed to excel beyond the factory tool options - and put new possibilities in the hands of independent repair shops and owners alike.

We support CAN-bus and multiple K-lines on the physical layer to the vehicles, and do various custom developments, as dictated by the unique customer requirements.

Keeping up with mobile trends, over the years we have added various communication layers to our interfaces, including USB, Bluetooth and WiFi.

We pride ourselves on our quality and aim to deliver the solution that best suits the needs of our customers.