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Hex Microsystems

Dedicated to Design & Assembly

Hex Microsystems develops electronic micro-assemblies and hardware for automotive diagnostics - including our own GS-911. We also develop and produce the hardware for several high profile international customers with various world renowned after-market diagnostic solution.

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Hex Diagnostics

Diagnostic Software for European Automobiles

Hex Diagnostics specializes in the distribution & support of diagnostic software solutions for various European automotive brands. Specifically Volkswagen, Audi, Seat, Porsche, Skoda & BMW as well as GS-911 for BMW motorcycles.

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Hex Code

Solutions for BMW motorcycles and more

Hex Code is the driving force behind our in-house development, GS-911, the best diagnostic tool for BMW motorcycles. We are also responsible for the global distribution of GS-911. Interested distributors should contact us directly.

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Introducing the Hex Group of Companies

The Hex Group of companies consists of Hex Microsystems, Hex Diagnostics & Hex Code. We are a group of South African engineers who specialize in developing, distributing and supporting automotive diagnostic software for Vehicles and Motorcycles. Brands we concentrate on are BMW (cars & motorcycles), Audi, Volkswagen, Seat & Porsche. Our products are aimed to excel beyond the factory tool options and put new possibilities in the hands of independent repair shops & owners alike.


Development of New Products

Both Hex Microsystems and Hex Code develop various products for the automotive after-market. Hex Microsystems specializes in Embedded Hardware development while Hex Code concentrates on software and other motorcycle related products.

Support & Updates

Hex Diagnostics provides extensive support for its numerous diagnostic products & kits while Hex Code is constantly developing new software to extend its GS-911 coverage to include the latest models as well as increase the functionality for its existing models.

Distributors of Diagnostic Software

Hex Diagnostics is the Sub Saharan distributor for:

  • VCDS (VAG-COM for VW, Audi, Seat and Skoda)
  • GS-911 (BMW motorcycles)

And the Southern African distributor for:

  • Bavarian Technic (BMW)
  • Durametric Porsche diagnostic products.

Global dealers interested in distributing any of the products that are designed and manufactured by by either Hex Code or Hex Microsystems, should contact us directly.

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